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Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Tom Beard Memorial Scholarship
The Tom Beard Memorial Scholarship Pool Tournament held on April 11, 2015 was again a huge success! Thanks to all who participated and those who worked hard to make this a GREAT time for a GREAT cause!
The scholarship applications/guidelines are in the hands of the local high school guidance counselors and indeed we are already beginning to receive submissions. Deadline for submission is June 1, 2015. If you know any high school seniors interested in applying, please encourage them to follow up with their guidance counselor.
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Brothers and Coworkers,

Several questions have recently come up concerning member spouses and their eligibility in the Social Quarters. Quoting from the current Moose Magazine: “Does my spouse have to join? No! The spouse of an active member of the lodge or chapter may be signed in on an unlimited basis. However, if the spouse was a member and has not been dropped from the rolls, they must wait until they are dropped (12 months).” I hope this clears up any questions on this issue.

It is time again for the annual lodge scholarship applications for high school seniors. They will be available in the social quarters on June 1 and due back by Monday, July 27. Details for qualification are on the application. Winner(s) will be announced at the family picnic in August.

Rod Grine
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