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Saturday, February 27, 2016
Relay for Life

Hello everyone,

It’s been a cold couple of months. We had a rocky start in January. The day we were to make gobs for the gob fest we got the big snow storm. Some of our crew couldn’t get to the church. Then we realized that the church parking lot wasn’t opened up so we couldn’t bake the gobs on Saturday as planned. We were able to bake on Sunday after church which limited our hours and production! We were still able to make about 1100 gobs. We normally do 1600-1800. We were glad to get done what we did! We sold out at gob fest around 12:30. It was a good day. Once again our Lodge and Relay team were out in the community bringing a positive light to our organization. Thank you so much to all who braved the snow and came out and baked, and

also to those who worked at the mall so we could sell out once again this year. We had extra ingredients since production was low so we made gobs at my house and sold them at the WOTM breakfast February 13. They were a big hit and hopefully boosted the breakfast attendance!

We had a Penguins bus trip scheduled for March 29th. Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest and sign ups we had to cancel it. Carol and I were puzzled because the Pens trips have always sold out so quickly. Hopefully next year we can fill a bus. It’s always a really fun trip!
We don’t have much in the works right now but are planning a relay meeting in March with our team members to brainstorm ideas for fundraisers. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

I am most definitely looking forward to spring!!

God Bless,
Susan Shaffer, Co-captain
Windber Moose Relay for Life team
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Brothers and Coworkers:

Brothers and Co-Workers,

The lodge is continuing their local promotion of NO APPLICATION FEE thru April 30. Now is the time to extend an invitation to become a member to your friends and family. A savings of $20 is a great deal.

R. Robert Dale Scholarship applications are now available in the Social Quarters and online. Don’t forget to have your Class of 2017 child apply. Deadline is June 30, 2016.
Please remember to update your membership records with Moose International or at the lodge if you have a change of address, name, phone number or email.

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