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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
The Windber Moose Lodge 349, Women of the Moose Chapter 2064 and the Tom Beard Scholarship awarded a total of $8,500 in scholarships this year!

Moose Lodge--$500 each to:
Garrett Horner
Bradon Lovenduski
Steven Pipon
Lakin Stiffler
Bronko Teklinsky

$1,000 to Stephanie Ponczek for two years participation in the Youth Awareness Program

Women of the Moose--$500 to:
Larissa Herdman

The Tom Beard Scholarship—
$1500 each to:
Adam Feather
Steven Pipon
Briana Sheehan

That’s an $8,500 investment in our youth.
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Administrator's Message
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Brothers and Coworkers,

I, too, would like to thank those volunteers that made our annual picnic a fun day for members and their families. We always want to improve, so let an officer know any suggestions you may have for an even better picnic next year.
Fall brings a flurry (did I actually use that word in the fall) of activity around the lodge--entertainment, parties, and fundraising activities. Don’t miss out – check the calendar.

Membership info: 1) Don’t wait until the end of the month that your dues expire to renew. It takes Moose International up to two weeks after they receive your payment to get you a new membership card. 2) Lodge members can now sponsor chapter applicants and vice versa. and
3) Further, with the change in sponsorship policy, all individuals over the age of 21 are now considered candidates; therefore the guest policy of two visits before membership is required applies to all individuals, including lady friends of male members and gentlemen friends of female members. The only exceptions are spouses of current members (as of 8/1/2014), who still have no limits to the number of times they may visit

Please remember to update your membership records with Moose Int’l or at the lodge if you have a change of address, name. phone number or email.

Rod Grine
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